Here to flourish in the lag time, build a mahogany bench, and eat icecream with as many strangers as possible. Passionate about nerd junk, the intersection of technology and art, human curration, bread baking, indie hacking, painting on your clothes, tea, growing plants with your community, punk junk. Interested in the stuff folks are passionate about, whatever it is. All my friends are artists. Always looking for folks to talk to and build stuff with, specially in the twin cities area ***jt^***

Professionally a react developer specializing in data vizualization and mapbox gl. Spent 2021 as the developer of the food web game, to help folks learn about how complicated ecosystems are. 2022 was working with Wox Campaigns writing software and building an internal mapping library to help door knocking campaigns get initiatives on the ballot across the country. More details on LinkedIn and Github.

Working with my friend Jake on a human currated search system that thinks like a mushroom with The Mold Net (Under construction!). Also working on Bump (Very under construction), a tool to democratically generate on the fly playlists so no one can hog the aux. Thinking about systems to help artists express their work creativly, time traveling mailman zine video games, technology for teachers and urban farmers, and a bunch of other hairbrained schemes.!